Upon arriving at the hospital, Lloyd requests the receptionist page the head nurse so they can ask about the incident, while the other members talk behind his back. Renne appeared to be on the verge of breaking down, and the team then realized that Renne was the Hayworths' "late" daughter.

When the wolves howl, Revache's monsters collapse in fear. Lloyd takes the opportunity to ask about Randy's past, suspecting there's a connection. Rixia has taken Lloyd and Elie to the private section of the theatre reserved for the troupe members so they can observe without being seen by Dudley or the other CPD officers. She also recognizes Lloyd as the person Cecile keeps telling her about and her way of showing it sets off the other members, especially Randy. Lloyd and Dudley arrive and Tio asks why "Mr. Four Eyes from the First Division" is there. It reads "Cease production of your new show, or tragedy is certain to befall your beloved Blazing Dancer," and is signed by Yin.

The SSS gets an urgent request to help find a missing young boy; The team plus their newest member locate Colin, who had wandered out of the city to chase animals, only to be surrounded by several monsters. He clearly sees she's upset about the Arc en Ciel matter and asks if she won't consider leaving the police and coming back to help her grandfather, mentioning all the things he's busy with and how great a help Elie could be. Entering the tower, the team is surprised by the beauty of the place. Returning to Crossbell, the SSS waits for the bus to St. Ursula to arrive and Lloyd thinks about how he hasn't seen On the road, they find the bus surrounded by large monsters. Lloyd runs into Mariabell, who wonders what they're doing there but goes along with their cover story and explains that she's here to bid on the most valuable item: a new doll made by the famous Rosenberg Studio.

Lloyd agrees that the letter and what he heard of Yin during the investigation didn't seem to match. This afternoon they will be practicing the third act again and Ilya wants them to be a hundred times better when they perform again next month. In an unknown location surrounded by computers, a young boy named The SSS is enjoying lunch and discussing their recent work, their slightly increasing popularity, the addition of Zeit to the team (he's officially considered a "police dog" by the CPD) and the attention the press has been giving to a certain pair of young newly-arrived bracers. The reaction of the other SSS members is mixed, with Randy in particular being envious that Lloyd knows such a hottie. On June 14, 2013, the game was ported to Microsoft Windows for release in China and Japan.

Customize your main character in every strong way possible in order to defend against the enemies massive waves of attacks. This version was released in Japan on June 14, 2013. It's mentioned that the things are really expensive and it's still rare for private individuals to own one. Very affectionately greets her, as Randy and Tio note.

He laughs at their success and surmises that the days of the SSS as a Bracer Guild rip-off have come to an end.

Their introduction to the wealthiest man in Crossbell goes well as he's happy to see Elie doing well. © Copyright Gematsu 2008-2019. Back at the SSS, the group looks over the evidence.

Crossbell's political situation is a mess and some of its most prominent politicians have ties to Revache and can pull strings. The SSS speculates that whatever the true culprit is up to, it must involve the opening of the new show so they plan to arrange so they can patrol the theatre on both the private and public opening days. Due to the aggressive nature of Crossbell's growing market, Harold soon found himself in debt and ran alongside his wife Sophia and daughter Renne from the creditors.

They're both alive but they divorced and left the city. Unfortunately, their powers fail too. He's considering retiring when the next election comes but is certain he can manage another five years just fine if he has to. They wind up settling it with a street race in three teams of two. Cecile is both the head nurse and just happens to be passing by at that moment so she surprises Lloyd with an enormous hug and compliments.

Tio asks if she can have a look.
While entering the theatre, Rixia is greeted by Ilya who congratulates her on her debut. Lloyd quickly turns the discussion towards the monster incident. The Legend Of Heroes Zero No Kiseki Free Download also provides a multiplayer platform through which the players can play this game online with other players too.

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